Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy Sexy Life is LIVE!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Starting Fresh

The biggest news of the day (or decade) is of course the inauguration of our 44th President OBAMA! We took a break from work mid-day to watch the inauguration and I had chills the whole time. What an exciting time to be alive. If 4,000 people could reduce crime in Washington, DC in 1993 through group meditation, think about the effect of millions of people vibrating with hope at the same time and in the same place. What effect will this have across the country?

Now to more trivial matters, like vampire novels and working out at the gym. I'm on to the fifth Sookie Stackhouse novel: Dead as a Doornail. I've stayed true to my exercise commitment (although I have yet to see any results...). Last night, I met with a trainer to get me on track with the circuit and I'm feeling the effects of my early morning workout already. Tomorrow is a cardio day. Much more boring, but at least Sookie will keep me company.

A nice woman at the gym was reading a book from the Twilight series and I had to let her know I was part of the fanclub. She recommended the Outlander series, which looks to be right up my alley. I'm sick of pretending that I have high brow taste in literature. Sure, I love the classics, but a girl just wants to have fun, you know? Anyway, I will be purchasing The Outlander as soon as I've said goodbye to Sookie. I'm building quite a library.

Tomorrow is our office fasting day:) We'll drink juice until dinner and then have a raw meal! Its nice to hit the reset button.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Its been another successful week so far and I feel great! I'm in Woodstock for this week and the next, so I have one of my favorite vegan friends to help me stay motivated! We made a deal last night to ban sugar (no chocolate!), cut down the vino to a glass (or two) a week, be loyal juicers until lunch, and fast until dinner on Wednesdays. Today was a fasting day. Check out KC's blog about the day. It isn't tough if you have someone doing it with you...I know from experience that its more difficult on your own, but you can do it! Plus, its nice to have someone to share the juice making/juicer cleaning duty with.
I've also been going to the gym every morning. It feels fantastic! I am going to kick it up a notch once I meet with a trainer on Monday. One thing I definitly need to do more is STRETCH! Wasn't I a yoga teacher at one point...?

I'm reading the forth book in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series: Dead to the World. I love it. I am so happy that I've rediscovered how fun and relaxing a good book can be:) I still have three more to read after this and then I'm going to read Stephanie Meyer's newest novel, The Host.

Check out the Freeminer Birds website for some updates! They have two more shows coming up and the new album, Fill the Shelter, will be out soon!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Squash (the sport), and more yummy vegan living:)

I didn't make it to the gym this morning, but I did some yoga, juiced, and just had a delicious lunch! My salad included: romaine, carrot, hemp seeds, avocado, olives, and an olive oil/braggs dressing (thanks KC!). I also had a Southwest Sunshine Burger (vegan and soy-free!) in a sprouted grain tortilla with some salsa. Yum! Tonight will be another big salad with some goodies. My hubby and I made some vegan fajitas last night. He added seitan to the mix of garlic, onions, salsa, red peppers, and beans, but I left the seitan out (something about that stuff is just too "meaty"). I love that its a great substitute for him though!

Tonight we're going to head to the gym for some squash. I haven't beat him yet, but I'm close...wish me luck!

ps- Check out the Twilight chatter going on at Kris' blog! Its a hoot:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Staying on Track...lots of greens, lots of exercise (and lots of reading)!

So far, so good this week. I've been filling my diet with big, beautiful salads, juicing every morning, staying raw until lunch (which is mostly raw anyway), staying away from sugar (even chocolate!), and waking up early every morning to go to the gym! It was rough this morning, but I still made myself get out of bed. Its always great once I get there, but its so tempting to stay in my warm bed (especially with my husband snoozing next to me).

I'm on the third book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and it is keeping me quite entertained. Its light and fun and takes my mind off whatever I need to let go. I find reading to be one of the best stress relievers. I have trouble relaxing because I like to be busy, so reading lets me tune out, but still be "doing" something. Sitting around watching tv too much makes me feel lazy and depressed. I always used to force myself to read something that would be "good" for me, but now I realize that its fun to read things that are just plain entertaining. I'm sure its good for my brain regardless of whether its William Faulkner or Charlaine Harris.

Time to juice!! Right now I am enjoying a cucumber, romaine, pear combination:)

ps-I've been listening to a rough cut of the Freeminer Bird's next album and its SO good! I'm trying to book more shows for them in Rochester (NY), so if you know of a venue, drop me a line:)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Singing Debut!

Well, I did it. I got up in front of a crowd of strangers and sang a song with The Freeminer Birds. I was scared as hell, but it felt great to do it despite the fear. The show was at Potential Life Studios and we had a great crowd! They played with Gregory Paul, an amazing soloist. Hopefully there will be many more shows over the next couple months in Rochester. I don't have a picture of me up on stage, but here are a few from the rest of the show (I doubled as photographer...its not my strong suit).

Em on Keyboards/Neil on Drums

Steve on Guitar

Guy on Guitar/Tony on Bass/Steve on Guitars and Vocals

Friday, January 2, 2009

Abundance Market: Rochester Food Co-op!

I just visited Abundance Market in Rochester, NY this evening. I can't say that I like it as much as Lori's Natural Foods, but it is still a fantastic natural foods store. Plus, its a co-op! I used to think that only members could shop at co-ops, but this isn't the case. I picked up some veggies for my juice, some Sunshine Burgers, and some dark VEGAN chocolate (I still haven't given up the fantasy of chocolate in moderation). Yum! Abundance also offers yoga! I'm back in the 100% vegan saddle again and it feels damn good:)

ps-I'm practicing with the Freeminer Birds tonight! The more I sing with them, the more confident I feel. Tomorrow night will be a breeze, right?

ps-Here is a new guilty pleasure...for some reason the small individually packaged goodies help me pace myself

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I did it! Chocolate-free for almost 48 hours!

I started yesterday morning with yoga, a shower, and a green juice. In the afternoon I enjoyed a big, beautiful salad with a Sunshine Vegan Burger and avocado. Dinner consisted of another yummy salad and Amy's Vegan pizza. I dabbled in some vegan granola to curb my chocolate cravings. All in all, I'm pleased. Today has been pretty similar. I felt 100% better waking up this morning without a sugar hangover. I felt peaceful. I can't completely change my diet overnight, but I'm learning that slow and steady works pretty damn well.

Some guilty pleasures that I've enjoyed lately include...

Watching the entire season of Freaks and Geeks (it is AMAZING).

Reading the entire vampire love series by Stephanie Meyers.

Starting the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

Singing in my husband's band, the Freeminer Birds! I love that I'm challenging myself to do something that I never thought I would have the courage to do.

This is going to be an amazing year filled with challenges and new experiences!