Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day... I have no idea what day it is

I don't know what day I'm in of my nutritional journey, but I've found a place where I've integrated new elements into my daily diet and found a regimen that works for me right now. Without a doubt, 32oz of juice is the first thing I consume. Lunch-salad (romaine, carrots, cucumber) with homemade dressing. I get protein through snacks-raw almonds, Lara Bars, 70% Dark Chocolate. Dinner is usually salad and soup, lately I've been having a baked sweet potato too. I'm still writing my morning pages, although morning pages turned into late-afternoon pages today. And I'm just about to do my daily dance. I read about this in Kris Carr's blog. Dancing alone to a song of your choice every day tends to lift the spirits. It lifted mine yesterday. With that, lets dance.

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cancer cowgirl xo said...

You just inspired me to follow my own advice and crank on some tunes and boogie. Keep up the good work love! 32oz of juice first thing? Damn girrrl, you ROCK! Peace, veggies and big love,
Kris Carr