Sunday, April 6, 2008

Taking it Easy

I've noticed a pattern in my thinking during the weekends. I wake up and immediately a "things I should do today" list begins to grow out of control. I should...juice, do yoga, dry brush, neti, take a walk, clean the house, garden, finish some home improvements, read a book, get a head start on work due this week, meditate, grocery shop, and the list goes on. At least I am concious about the fact that I do this, but its difficult at times to fight feelings of guilt and disappointment that crop up because I can't get all of these things done in one day. Plus, when do you fit in spending time with friends and family or "relaxing" with all these things to do?

I hope that eventually, I will break this cycle, but in the meantime here are a few things that help me come back to earth. I try to shift my focus from my to-do list, to my "I am happy and grateful" list. Debbie, from Debbie Does Raw, mentioned this practice and I've integrated it into my daily life. Every morning and before I got to bed, I list the reasons I am happy and grateful. I also use this opportunity to manifest my desire for the future.

Staying present! This is the ultimate tool for beating the blues. It helps to ask these simple questions when trying to be more present: "At this moment, what do I see, feel, smell, hear, and taste?" Answering these questions automatically shifts my consciousness to the present moment and give me a sense of peace.

Pushing my pride to the side. Often, I get on a high horse about all these things I have to do. In other words, I take myself too seriously. My husband helps me laugh, let go, and chill out, but only if I let my guard down. He is pretty persistent, so usually it works.

The shower can be a place of peace or chaos inside my head. When I feel like the events of the day are like gray clouds over my head, I remind myself that if I change my perspective, these things could be fun. I can make them enjoyable if I let go of my preconceived notions.

I am still reading Wayne Dyer's book, Manifesting Your Destiny, and I've already seen the benefits of this different way of thinking. I'm still working on my vision board and it continues to be a source of motivation and clarity. I'm off to visit CSL and check out the Crazy Sexy Manifesting Maniacs group. Its filled with support and knowledge, so if you are interested (or curious), check it out!


Allie said...

Oh, I know what you're talking about. I feel so guilty about just relaxing that it's not relaxing. :)

I've found though that there are a lot of activities that are meditative to me. I am loving gardening -- and even though I'm tired when I'm done for the day, I feel so clear headed. And I avoid the guilt thing, because I'm doing something productive.

Of course, not beating myself up for chilling out would be a good thing too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Allie:)
I can totally relate to what you are saying. Everyone "meditates" in a different way. I used to knit for relaxation and now I've taken up gardening too! It would be easy to go through life without connecting directly with the earth and it is such a peaceful and positive way to spend your time.