Monday, April 14, 2008

Time for the weekly fast

Today, I will be joining the CSL crew for a 1-2 day juice fast (feast). Last week's fast was incredible. I felt like I had wiped the slate clean. My cravings were drastically reduced, I even resisted dessert on my husband's birthday (I watched everyone eat hot fudge sundaes)! Friends and family were in Baltimore this past weekend and it was tough sticking to a healthy diet while eating at restaurants for almost every meal. I wasn't perfect, but I managed to eat vegan the entire weekend and properly combine foods most of the time.

Sometimes the only vegetarian option on a menu includes cheese. In the past, I would have probably just eaten the cheese so that I didn't seem fussy. This weekend I realized that its silly to compromise the diet that works best for me just because I think others will judge me. Surprise! The world doesn't revolve around me and it was no big deal to ask for what I wanted! Glad I'm over that now:)

Last week, I was focused on fasting as a "reset" for my body and mind. This week, I feel like its more of a "tweaking" that needs to be done to get me back on track:) I hope that with each week, my fast will be less and less of a major overhaul and more of a time to just give my body and mind a rest.

I've integrated wheat grass powder into my daily regimen and its taking me a little while to get used to the taste. The powder is much more palatable than the real deal, but I think its going to take a few days (or weeks) to love my wheat grass. Adding lemon juice helps! I order it from Debbie at CSL. Its very affordable and Debbie can answer any of your questions about wheat grass (and much more!). I've mentioned her blog in the past-Debbie Does Raw. You can contact her through CSL or her blog.

My husband and I recently renovated a room in our basement that walks out to the backyard. I've designated a little nook in the room as my sacred space:) I have a small table with pictures of Swami Vishnu and Swami Sivananda, a picture of Durga, a candle, incense, and a few other items that symbolize people that I love and things I am thankful for. This morning, I meditated for thirty minutes (listening to Jon Kabat-Zinn's Sitting Meditation on my iPod).

I will always have this safe haven to retreat to when I need clarity and peace. I have made the commitment to meditate for 30 minutes in the morning and evening in my new sacred space. It only took a few minutes to arrange and it is so powerful! I'll be checking in to let you know how this new space has effected my meditation practice and my everyday life. Reading Deepak Chopra's Seven Spritual Laws of Success, Wayne Dyer's Manifest Your Destiny, and being involved with the Manifesting and Yoga groups at CSL has given me the support and encouragement to make these steps. I am happy and grateful that these things have come into my life.


Allie said...

Wow! So many wonderful, positive changes!

Good for you! Your meditation space sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allie! I love my new sacred space, it has super charged my dedication to meditation:)

Carrie Nicole said...

I'm so anxious to get my space set up too! I need to stop putting obstacles in the way like finally taking the rug I'm going to use for my spot to the dry cleaner ;)