Monday, May 5, 2008

The First Crazy Sexy Meetup in NYC (plus some reflections on raw vs. cooked food)!

The first Crazy Sexy Posse Meetup was in NYC this past weekend! On Saturday afternoon, 60 Crazy Sexy Lifers met up at Bonobo's:) You can read all about it and see some pictures at Kris Carr's blog. The conversation, community, support, and food were fantastic. It is so exciting to think of events like this popping up all over the country and spreading wellness to so many more people! If you haven't already, check out the Crazy Sexy Life forum!

I missed my juice this weekend. I loved making the trip to Whole Foods this morning to pick up my veggies (I picked up some Tom's of Maine mouthwash and Nutiva Coconut Oil too!). Switching between mostly raw to mostly cooked days, helps me realize how much cooked food slows me down! I had a very large cooked meal for dinner tonight and I feel tired, unmotivated, and a little down-in-the-dumps. Its a learning experience. Tomorrow will be all 80% raw and then maybe a fast on Wednesday to wipe the slate clean.

I've also been trying to switch to 100% vegan (probably 90% now). Its not so easy at restaurants! I'm going to continue to work towards this goal.

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Dhrumil said...

I heard great things about the meetup. I'll have to make it out next time and meet the wonderful women that make up Kris's community.