Thursday, May 1, 2008

If you were on the fence about becoming a vegan, here are a few more reasons...

I just read an amazing blog post by Dan Paul at Kris Carr's blog. I wanted to email it to every person I know, but thought it might be better to post it here. I touched upon the issue of animal treatment in this post concerning a Human Society video released in February. Although I am probably 80-90% vegan (ice cream always gets me!), this post has inspired me to take the 100% vegan plunge.

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Carrie Nicole said...

Ditto Sundari... you and I were totally on the same page with our thoughts about things I think. I really appreciated his response too.

I know that this feeling I have in my gut that I need to do more is only growing and I think the point you made about really educating ourselves so that we can speak to questions with fact and with reason will help immensely.

So, my focus will continue on myself and clearing my life of things that aren't animal/earth friendly (almost there!) as well as sticking to 100% vegan, which I too have been lax with on occasion (cheese for me).

Take care!