Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Officially Begins In Two Days!

Spring is almost officially here, although you wouldn't know it by looking at my backyard:

I am determined to transform this wasteland into a veggie garden. But where to begin? Here are some resources that I've found through the Gardening Group at the Crazy Sexy Life Forum:

You Grow Girl Website
You Grow Girl Book
University of Florida Organic Gardening Guide

Anyone out there getting started with their gardens?


Allie said...

Oh, I'm trying to plan out my garden. I can't wait. I want to grow raspberries this year.

Carrie Nicole said...

I'm really wanting to but trying not to let myself get overwhelmed. I'm the girl that goes and buys about 100 packets of seeds and plants only 2 and then the weeds come and I can't find the little veggies anymore ;)

I'm trying to decide on a few things to plant and start there. The rest is clean up this year... my backyard is almost an acre and way overgrown and crazy. I have lovely fruit trees and blackberries that always fill my fridge with tasty treats tho too!