Monday, March 10, 2008

Jivamukti Class at Flow Yoga Center

I made it to Jivamukti yoga class yesterday at Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC. I brought a friend along with me, which is always a great way to motivate yourself to practice yoga. Having a "yoga buddy" will add accountability to your practice and can make it more fun.

The studio is on the second and third floors of a rowhouse in Dupont. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I loved the long benches with soft, red cushions lining the walls. The lounge was an inviting place to spend a few minutes relaxing and chatting before class. The picture to the left is not me, nor is it Flow Yoga Center, but it is a pose ("downward dog") that you will often find yourself in, if you decide to try this style.

About ten minutes before class, we went upstairs and set up our mats on the bamboo floors. There were 20-25 people in the room for class. Our instructor, Agitha, began practice by discussing the theme of the month-listening, and how we could integrate this principle into our practice and everyday lives. She also asked us to dedicate our practice to someone we love, which I really enjoyed. The class was challenging, I definitely worked up a sweat, but it was also fun and powerful. Jivamukti is very different from Sivananda (music, flowing movements, very little relaxation between poses) but I can appreciate the practice for its differences. I felt strong, happy, and clear-minded after class. My friend mentioned that it reminded her of Ashtanga yoga.

Before class, I had the opportunity to meet Cory, Food Karma Alert blogger, and he mentioned a free Jivamukti class in Clarendon each Sunday. Cory and Agitha teach at Lululemon from 10-11am. The class is free!

Anyone else have experience with Jivamukti? Any studios that you would recommend?


Cory said...

Hi Sundari! It was wonderful to meet you --- thanks for coming to Jivamukti --- hope to see you again soon.

Your comparison to ashtanga makes sense as K. Pattabhi Jois was teacher to David Life, one of the founders of Jivamukti (the other is his life partner, Sharon Gannon). So, ashtanga is part of the Jivamukti lineage. Good catch!

Love and peace,
Cory Bryant

Anonymous said...

I can't take credit for the Ashtanga connection (it was my friend Jill's insight!). I did the Jivamukti DVD again this morning and it was great! Thanks for encouraging me to try it out:)
Be Well,