Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 2: Juice Feast/Eating 100% Raw

Its only day two and I'm feeling financially stressed by the juicing. Its a lot of work too! I'm sure once I become a pro, it'll be much quicker. I think that 50% juice and 50% Raw Food will be my route. I am going to follow Natalia Rose's book: The Raw Food Detox Diet to guide me. The only food I've eaten since Saturday evening is hand full of raw almonds. I think I'll have a big salad for dinner and snack on some raw nuts and a Lara Bar tonight. I am bring some bottled 100% vegetable and fruit juice to my Dad's, since I'll be staying the night and I'll need breakfast! So far, so good. More updates soon! I'm doing a photo journal each day too, which I'll post in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! Thanks for the tip to Natalia Rose's book. I discovered raw foods last summer and was very gung ho then but am finding it increasingly hard with the cold winter weather--both in terms of staying warm (mostly) and with the higher cost of produce. As a single mom dealing with my son's taste buds I've really been having a rough time. It is so good to discover a book that, if the amazon reviews are correct, will facilitate a moderately raw way of eating--and do some of the tough thinking--like food combining and stuff--for me behind the scenes. I want to enjoy eating again, without thinking about and focusing on it SO much. That really taken energy away from other areas in which I want to grow. I'm "fed up" with it!!! On the other hand, I've experienced the benefits of raw food to be immediate, drastic, and indisputable, so, I'm totally unwilling to just throw in the towel. Anyway I have high hopes for the book and I'd like to thank you for pointing the way. Rawk on! --Laura in Bethesda, MD

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! I find the shopping difficult too, but if anything is worth the cost, its your health. Let me know what you think of the Natalia Rose's book. I love her recipes! Hang in there:)