Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My three day fast!

I feel clear, calm, and rested. Peaceful even. On Monday I juiced three times (30 oz. the first two times, 15 oz. the last time). My first two juices were a combo of romaine or spinach with cucumber, lemon or ginger, and pear or apple. I ended the day with a tomato, cucumber, garlic, basil, and sea salt juice (which I ate like a soup). On Tuesday and Wednesday I started the day with a pear juice in addition to the three other juices (so yummy!). My juice hero, Kris Carr, guided me on the fast and gave me to salt tip. Sea salt is super important during a fast, keeping our blood pressure at a healthy level and balancing our electrolytes. Read about Kris' fast here.

This morning, I went to the colon hydrotherapy. It made a WORLD of difference. For the past couple days I've been feeling low energy and a little blue. After the colonic I felt mentally clear, upbeat, and focused. I still feel fantastic. I juiced all day and made a smoothie for dinner (spinach, banana, and cacao). I plan to have another smoothie in the morning and then juice all day. I may end up going out for dinner tomorrow night, I plan to stay raw and just have veggies.

The question I've been mulling over lately is, whats next?

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Lauren M said...

Wow, that's awesome!