Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bakasana: The Crow

Again, this is not a photograph of myself in crow, but you get the idea... At first, bakasana (crow pose) seemed even more impossible than headstand, but as I grew more proficient in headstand, I became more determined to conquer crow. I had my fair share of frustration and falling on my face, but slowly my tip toes came of the mat for a second, then two, then three, until I realized that the posture is more about balance than strength. My teacher kept telling me to look forward, focus on the balance, and let go of my fears.

Practicing at home helped a lot. As my wedding drew closer, I put a pillow on the mat to catch my face. I didn't want to walk down the aisle with a freshly broken nose. At the brink of complete frustration and self-loathing, my teacher stood next to me and demonstrated crow. I mimicked his moments and placement of knees on the backs of my upper arms (as if they were shelves). Finally, I felt the balance! Each time I work on crow I build my confidence and hold it longer. My new challenge is moving into headstand out of crow. There is always something new to achieve and discover.


Anonymous said...

hi, i really like reading your blog. i can relate to your fears about headstand an crow. i'm still not there in either pose, but you've inspired me to try harder - especially in my at-home practice.

did you already get married? i'm planning a wedding as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment:) I'm so happy that you enjoy the blog. I'm getting married in a few days. When is your big day? Do you live in Baltimore?

Practicing at home has made such a difference for me. I practiced headstand and crow every day for a few weeks and I'm still not totally comfortable in both poses. Its also a good idea to practice the poses in phases and to tell yourself that you'll get there if you stay dedicated to your practice. What style of yoga are you studying?

Anonymous said...

oh, i forgot to check back for a response!

i do live in charm city, and i've recently started taking classes (when i can, $$) at the BYV. i've been to a several studios in the area, but BYV is definitely one of my favorites.

i'm really trying to build my at-home practice, and it's going pretty well. i'll definitely try focusing on some of the harder-for-me poses at home. in the past, i think i've gravitated towards what comes easier for me, and what felt good for my body at the time.

have you ever done yoga nidra or yogic sleep? that's one of my favorites, and i usually try and practice yoga nidra sunday nights, to reflect on my week and prepare for the next.

that's so exciting that you're getting married this week! will you practice yoga on the big day? i imagine it would be really great for helping you relax and prepare. we're in the early stages of planning our wedding. we've been engaged just over two months, and will celebrate two years together tomorrow!

take care!