Sunday, May 27, 2007


The second chapter of Gary Zukav's book, The Seat of the Soul, was perfect for starting the day. Since starting Zukav's book and reading some similar theories, I pause to reflect each time I create a judgmental comment or thought. Turns out that I do this a lot. Not only do I create my own negative judgments, but I attach myself to other people's negativity. It is difficult to keep these feelings and thoughts to myself, but I am determined to do so. The Seat of the Soul is giving me the framework and perspective to make these positive changes.

Basically, karma is governed by the third law of motion: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Zukav gives examples of this principle by explaining: "The person who intends hatred for others experiences the intention of hatred from others. The person who intends love for others experiences the intention of love from others, and so forth." (Zukav 40). This way of thinking is similar to Abraham-Hicks' explanation of the vibrations that people give off to the universe. Often when I catch myself saying something negative, I imagine that I am infecting my life and the world with my own negativity, which makes it easy to correct myself or stop before I say or do something I'll regret.

Zukav also explains that: "Every cause that has not yet produced its effect is an event that has not yet come to completion. It is an imbalance of of energy that is in the process of becoming balanced. That balancing of energy does not always occur within the span of a single lifetime." (Zukav 41). I am intrigued by the idea that some of the "injustices" that we see in everyday life may be a result of actions in a past life.

I felt relieved and calmed when Zukav noted: " There are personalities that are selfish and hostile and negative, but even in these cases we cannot fully know the reasons why. These are hidden from view. That does not mean that we cannot recognize negativity when we see it, but we cannot judge it. That is not our place." (Zukav 43). Often, I talk about other people's actions and comments that I believe are "wrong" or "negative", only to realize later that I have increased the negativity and presence of their actions by sharing it with others or thinking about it. I try to figure out why a person has acted a certain way or made a particular comment and it only makes me feel worse about the situation. On top of that, who am I to judge another person's actions and what is it about myself that I need to justify them? Letting go and focusing on my own actions and words is a lot more empowering and uplifting.

It's not easy taking on these challenges and changing the way I think and speak, but with each passing day I feel more positive and less stressed. Zukav and the other authors are helping me on this journey.

I am on my way to breathe books this morning. My trip to Burlington on Friday for the Healing Touch Level 1 Class will be long, so what better time to listen to some helpful CDs covering the same principals and challenges I've been talking about in this blog? I'm sure that Susan will have some great suggestions.

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