Saturday, May 26, 2007

Early Saturday Morning

It's a cool Saturday morning in Hampden, probably one of our last. Soon the humidity and brutal heat will set in, but for now I'll bask in the chirping of birds that I hear through the open windows and screen door. Last night was the first time we powered up the A/C window unit. I hate to shut the windows, but the nights are become more sticky each day.

The house is quiet. T-Tom is stretched out on the living room floor, soaking in a stream of sunlight. The future in-laws are in town this weekend. We spent the yesterday checking out the wedding site, strolling down the avenue, peeking into antique shops and sipping iced tea and coffee on the porch at Soup's On. While sitting on the porch, Susan was walking by and stopped to tell me that SmartWoman will be stopping by breathe books to take pictures for my article. Very exciting!

Today we're off the College Park to visit my future brother-in-law and take a trip to Union Station for some window shopping. But for now I have a quiet house for a few hours, to read, write, and relax. I am reading The Power of Now and Seat of the Soul, but focusing on Seat this week. Zukav is reinforcing many of the principles I've learned from Aurora at breathe. Especially when he writes, "From the point of view of the soul, all of its incarnations are simultaneous. All of its personalities exist at once. Therefore the release of negativity that occurs in one of the soul's incarnations benefit not only itself, but of its soul's incarnations also." (Zukav 35).

I am torn by the main difference I've noticed between The Power of Now and Ask and it is Given. The Power of Now recommends only focusing on the current moment because nothing else exists, while Ask and it is Given discusses manifesting your desires by imagining your desired future. I go back and forth between these practices. I have not finished The Power of Now, so maybe I'll have a different perspective later. For the time being I enjoy a little of both and I suppose that what really matters is finding what works best for you.

I was walking down The Avenue a few weeks ago and ventured to the other side of Chestnut. I discovered Inspired Serenity, a new shop specializing in "hand crafted items that support artists and artisans around the world", a wellness center upstairs with two massage therapists and a licensed therapist, a Zen garden, and delicious loose leaf teas. Aurora from breathe had mentioned that a shop would open in Hampden that would be a place to practice Healing Touch, so I couldn't wait to venture inside.

I pushed through the front door and met Sherry, the proprietress. She offered me a cup of freshly brewed iced tea. The lemon chiffon roiboos was refreshing and had a hint of sweetness. After introducing myself, she and I sat and chatted in two hand carved wooden chairs. The next hour flew by while we discussed the Healing Touch Program, her spiritual and professional experiences on the west coast and in Baltimore, and my spiritual and professional aspirations. I've already been back to the shop to visit Sherry and buy some Roiboos tea. This time we discussed the book I've been reading, The Secret DVD, and the calming "Hindu and Buddhist chant and kirtan music" playing in the shop. Sherry mentioned something she heard while watching Oprah one day. A guest mentioned the saying, "resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies." It resonated me and I shared it with a few special people that I thought would appreciate the wisdom. A few days later, a good friend emailed me and said that she had heard the same saying and wanted to share it with me! I know that I am meant to observe this wisdom and I'll think of it each time a feeling of resentment bubbles inside.

As I open myself up to these new ideas and ways of thinking they flow more easily into my life. I'm so thankful that I've started this journey.

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