Friday, July 3, 2009

56,364 words, a lot of post-its, and a surprise!

Finally, my husband and I cleaned out our cluttered and neglected office. Its probably only 90 square feet of space...and we share it. Last Saturday we rolled up our sleeves and got rid of eight garbage bags filled with paper. We also rearranged the desks, brought another bookshelf into the room and voila! It feels like a Zen Monastery compared to its former state. I couldn't have been happier working from home this week.

A lot of things have shifted recently. I was on a really regimented schedule over the past couple months and I needed a change. I've just let go recently. Instead of going to the gym everyday I've been taking long walks at night with Steve. Instead of reading novels, I've been reading blogs late at night and jumping between five different books that cover a wide range of topics. I've pulled way back on my writing, which has given me perspective and now I'm ready to dive back in with fresh eyes and a clear(er) head.

I'm almost to the "end" of the first draft of my novel. Last weekend, I was becoming overwhelmed trying to keep the plot straight in my head. Plus I couldn't see the conclusion clearly. I've learned a lot from Kris and Brian (my rockin' bosses at CSL), especially when it comes to the creative process. I remembered a picture they had shown me of a dry erase board covered in post-it notes, which they had used to organize one of their largest projects. This seemed like a perfect solution to plotting the progression of my story.

For a few hours on Saturday and Sunday, my husband and I sat in our kitchen and thought through the entire book. He knows the story pretty much as well as I do, since I've bounced almost every idea off him, he has read every page, and he has some kick ass ideas of his own. I don't think I would have gotten this far without him to talk through it with me.

Anyway, what you see above is what we came up with. I moved it next to my desk for easy reference and I'm trying to copy it all down before I leave for Woodstock on Sunday. I'm a little more calm about my progress. I'll get there. Slowly but surely.

Another wonderful surprise last week was an unexpected gift from Steve. Last summer, Steve and I took a trip to Bar Harbor, ME. We stopped at a musical instrument shop one day and I picked up a viola for the first time in ten years. I was instantly inspired to start viola lessons again and I found an amazing teacher in Baltimore when I returned home. I was also lucky enough to borrow my teacher's viola (it could make anyone sound good, its gorgeous, I want it!). I took lessons in the fall and winter, but ended up quitting when fitting in practices became more stressful than enjoyable. Ever since, I've said that I regretted quitting. Before ending the lessons, Steve and I recorded a song together for his band, The Freeminer Birds...

A few weeks ago I decided to renovate my vision board and a picture of a viola ended up in the upper right corner. I didn't know how I would pay for lessons, if my teacher was still available, or how I would fit the lessons and practicing in my schedule. I just knew that the instrument still resonated with me and I wanted it in my life. A couple days ago, Steve called me up and told me he had contacted my viola teacher. She was happy to take me as a student and could lend me her viola again. She also said not to stress about practicing and that we would do the best we could with the time that I have. I was speechless. My first lesson is Sunday and I couldn't be more excited to start playing again. Again, I am humbled by the power of the universe (and my incredibly thoughtful husband). Thank you!

I'm also very excited to be doing a little blogging at I've been behind the scenes since we launched the site and now I'm posting a blog every now and then. Our blog posse is flourishing and packed with trailblazing change-makers. I am so grateful to be a part of this inspiring group of people. I have to pinch myself sometimes. Is this really part of my job?

I love nights like tonight. I'm sitting at my computer, which faces a window overlooking our backyard. Its a cool night and I don't have any obligations. I can catch up on my favorite blogs, my novel, listen to music (right now its Tegan & Sara, So Jealous), and update my own neglected blog. My husband is happily recording music in the basement. The second Freeminer Birds album comes out soon!

Time to push past 56,356 words...


KCashin said...

Corinne- I finally read through all (5 of, haha!) my blog comments! Thanks so much for leaving one. I adore your blog and your passion for health, and life, and writing! Very cool stuff. I absolutely meant to ask if it was alright to link your blog on mine so I apologize for completely forgetting to do so.

Thank you for keeping it real. Have a fantastic 4th of July and be well.

Katie (The Very Hungry blogger)

Allie said...

Wow! So many wonderful things you're bringing about for yourself! That's exciting! Love the post-its!

Emily "Ethel" LaMarsh said...

i hope the viola lessons are going well!