Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Confessions of a Chocolate Eating "Vegan"

OK, maybe if I write about this, I'll realize that there is MILK that comes from COWS in chocolate (well, at least the kind that I've been eating). Its like I think that if I don't look at the ingredient list, the milk doesn't exist. Being out of my comfort zone and without my lovely vegan friends has led me into a black sugar addiction hole. Ugh! I've also been terrible about exercising. Blah, blah, blah...

That's enough with the self degradation and pity though. I have dusted off my juicer (which I lugged back to my in-laws house for the holidays) and I've been juicing for the past three days. My morning bagel (that I was becoming quite accustomed to) has been pried from my hands and I'm sticking to juice only until noon. Baby steps.

The chocolate is everywhere. Those shiny green and red wrappers cry out from their ceramic Santa bowls and glass Christmas tree dishes. Its like I become temporarily insane every time the thought of a dark chocolate covered pistachio nuts cross my mind. I really need a slap in the face. Get it together woman! Not only does the sugar make me feel like complete crap (plus my skin is freaking out and my pants aren't getting any looser), I feel like a hypocrite wearing my "Make the Connection" sweatshirt. Hello! Make the connection! Anybody in there?!

Here is the plan for tomorrow (I've said this to myself the past five nights, but maybe if I write it here I will finally follow through): Juice in the morning, salad for lunch, as much fruit as I want, and salad with Amy's vegan pizza for dinner. I'll report back on New Years Day. Wish me luck.

ps-I LOVE Lori's Natural Foods Market in Rochester, NY. All this city needs now is a juice bar and some vegan restaurants (not to mention a vegetarian restaurant).


Carrie Nicole said...

Mmmm, that chocolate, I tell ya, have had the same issues myself. Working on it though... big time (mostly by not allowing myself any :( but,....)

Anyways, wanted to say HI!! Missing everyone. Hoping 2009 allows for a CSL Ambassador reunion or meet up!


Anonymous said...

I usually have to have all or nothing too. Grr! I have to say that Uli Manna Chocolates are my favorite and since they are raw and vegan, they are guilt free (if you can stop after a couple truffles...which I can't!).

Lauren M said...

Thanks for the confession. I rationalize the same way. It's just chocolate. I'm not having a pizza!