Friday, June 6, 2008

Green Smoothies, Woodstock, Skinny Bitch

An angel brought me a VitaMix and I am now living in the land of Green Smoothies!

My first Smoothie included:
1 Bag of Spinach
4 Strawberries
1 Banana
1/3 Bag of Frozen Organic Tropical Fruit
1 Cup of Filtered Water

I am a sissy right now when it comes to the ratio of greens to fruit, but it works for now (I can't even taste the spinach!).

Soooo yummy. Here is what it looks like blended up and ready to enjoy. I drink my smoothies in a pint glass, in honor of my beer drinking days:)

I have continued with my food journal over the past 17 days and have found it to be a helpful resource and touchstone. It keeps me honest and in connection with my body, mind, and diet.

I spent some time recently in Woodstock, NY and there were so many health and earth conscious businesses to enjoy! Here are a few that I loved:
I read Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
yesterday and it was filled with eye-opening knowledge. It was difficult to read about the practices of the meat industry, but these atrocities cannot be ignored. The tone of the book can be abrasive, but its meant to wake up readers who shove chemical-filled, processed foods into their mouths daily without a second thought. Although I don't agree with a few of their dietary recommendations, as a whole I think that it is fantastic! The authors also uncover the brainwashing that has been carried out for decades by the media, government, and corporate worlds. Unfortunately, we cannot trust these sources and we have to do our own research if we want to be conscious consumers for our own health and the health of the planet. Start reading people!

My birthday is coming up and I'll be in Rochester, NY. I can't find a vegan bakery, so my hubby is ordering a vegan cake from Baby Cakes in NYC. It a little pricey, but its my bday! Plus, I've heard rave reviews on this place:)


Carrie Nicole said...

Happy Vitamix!!! Very exciting that you finally got one, I cannot wait until I can pick one up, I hope I won't have to wait until xmas or my birthday (next feb)!

Happy birthday to you in advance, have a wonderful, wonderful time. Cake sounds SOOOOO good right now...mmmm! Have a piece for me!

Anonymous said...

Try putting kale and cucumbers in your smoothies instead of spinach. They're just a little sweeter and quite yummy.
Enjoy your weekend.
Tamara Z.

LobotoME said...

just found your blog...
babycakes ROCKS!
lucky girl on a bday cake - you won't want to share it!

J :)