Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My New Blogging Gig- "About Baltimore"

I am very happy to announce that I am blogging for a company called 451 Press. I am writing the Baltimore Blog that you can view here. It is exciting to have a freelance job writing about something I love-my home. I hope that anyone reading this blog will check out my new blog that covers Baltimore on a bigger scale.

Only one week until Kripalu! I scaled down to a weekend program after signing up for TTC at Grass Valley Yoga Farm. I'll be participating in The Inspirational Teacher workshop with Angela Farmer. I hope it is a good warm up for TTC. Kripalu describes the course as:

"This workshop is an exploration of ourselves, our practice, and our teaching. We will explore asana and breathing in an intuitive, creative, and playful way, opening up new channels of energy that can change concepts of "right ways" and "wrong ways" to practice, and lead you to greater joy and freedom in yoga."

Starting tomorrow evening, I am on vacation for 10 days! I am going to fill it with meditation, yoga, writing, reading, spending time with BYV folks, and relaxing with my soon-to-be husband...only four weeks until the wedding!

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Specialkalle said...

Hey Corinne, cute blog and cute cat! Oh the wonderful world of blogging, haha. Can't wait for your wedding, ps. any gift ideas? If not, you could be receiving a very interesting, possibly odd wedding present. :) Hope to see you soon, and also, congrats on the house, the only time I saw it you weren't home, but it's so great and fitting for u and steve.