Friday, March 6, 2009

My Latest Challenge...Three Pages A Day

After reading through some of my past blogs last night, I picked up on a pattern. I love creating challenges. They don't usually turn out as I planned, but I think they've all taught me something. My newest challenge is to write three pages of my creative writing project each day. Last night I was typing in bed, almost falling asleep, but dammit, I did it!

I think it would be fun to share my frustrations, triumphs, and lessons here as I progress with this project. While at the gym this morning, I read a few chapters of Bird by Bird. No other book on writing has struck a chord with me like this one. If there was one book I could recommend to any aspiring writer, it would be Anne Lamott's Bird By Bird. Not many writers can make me laugh out loud or cry. It happens very rarely. Whenever it does happen I am inspired to create the same magic on paper. I couldn't help letting out a giggle here and there while on the elliptical today.

Allie Larkin's short story, Bathtub Mary, made me cry. I feel very lucky to be able to pick her brain on occasion. David Sedaris always makes me laugh out loud (especially while listening to his readings). I love self-deprecating humor. Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels have made me blush many times (I'm almost done with the last book and its much better than the past couple, I was starting to lose faith in Charlaine). And of course Stephanie Meyers made me feel like I was falling desperately in love all over again.

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Allie said...

Oh, Bird By Bird - what would we do without that book?

Thank you so much for the link and your kind words about my story!